This woman's whole body tattoo After Divorce

full body tattoo
Various ways people do to vent long pent-up emotions. Jacqui Moore is one example. Desperate mother of two children tattooed all over his body in order to express freedom after he was divorced from her husband.

41-year-old woman has a tattoo on his body almost the entire surface of the skin. He's leaving only 15 percent of his body clear of such black ink scratches left armpit, half his right leg, and most of his face. After all this, he claimed to want to tattoo his entire body, without exception.

Women who worked as a gardener at one private school in Oxford is starting merajah her eight years ago, or rather in 2003, after her divorce from her husband she married for seven years. After the divorce, she fell in love with a tattoo artist Andreas 'Curly' Moore and then asks him to tattoo her body.

"I get a tattoo as a symbol of freedom and a new chapter in my life. When he was in a tattoo parlor, I met and fell in love with Curly. Since then he has always tattooed my body, "says Jacqui, as quoted by news VIVAnews quoted by the Daily Mail.

Curly spent 35 hours for the right leg tattooed boyfriend silhouette shaped flowers typical of Indian and Tibetan. Swarm of dragonfly tattoo on his back, a large spider webs, and tarantulas in her belly tattoo design is a complex owned. This woman even has a picture of an open eye on her right armpit.

For love, Curly does not charge for all of the tattoo. If the count is calculated, the entire tattoo was supposed to cost £ 13.440 or about Rp186 million.

And "social price" to pay much more expensive Jacqui. Since tattooed all over his body, he claimed to be treated differently by the people he met. "Some people treat me very well, some are saying I'm disgusting," he said.

But for Jacqui, her body is a work of art to be proud of. "I am pleased to see changes in me every time my body merajah Curly. This is a very wonderful experience of my search for identity, "he said.

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